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We are aware of the fact that focused selection and placement solutions are at the beginning of the distinguishing elements of human resources.

We determine your needs together and create the most suitable roadmap for you together. We carry out studies on ensuring the loyalty, motivation and performance of your employees to the maximum extent.

How We Work

Peoployed is a young and dynamic team that creates a new generation of solutions in the field of human resources. It provides fast and effective selection and placement solutions that focus on technology and business partners outside of traditional methods.

We know that performance evaluation is very valuable to improve the success and efficiency of your capabilities. In order to attract qualified employees to our company and increase their commitment, we are working to create the appropriate infrastructure for you and for the sake of its sustainability.

We create and maintain appropriate opportunities to maximize the potential of your employees and ensure their continuous development. We create and store your personal information for you. In accordance with your needs, we accompany the candidates on the first working day and organize the orientation process.

In addition to our criteria and competency measurement system supported by artificial intelligence, we match candidates evaluated by our young and dynamic recruiters in accordance with the needs of our business partners and present a business model suitable for your corporate culture and vision to your appreciation.

Why Us?

100% Customer satisfaction

Understanding the corporate culture is the most important element of making the right hiring. We internalize your corporate culture with our strong analysis ability. We match the special talents with the qualities you have determined and the values of your company and introduce you to the most accurate candidates.

Transparent business processes and strong communication

As soon as we cooperate with you, we send you weekly candidate reports that contain all our actions and multi-stage interviews. Thanks to this, we conduct the process transparently and stay in constant communication.

Information security and privacy

As a requirement of corporate values, privacy is given importance, all kinds of personal information is protected by systems with the highest security standards. Information is not shared unless the owner of the information requests it, is authorized or legal requirements are established.

No upfront payment

We work with the policy of "no cure, no pay". If we can't find a solution to your problem, we don't ask you to pay.

Quality and innovative approach

Together with our team, we provide maximum support to your needs. What makes us who we are is that we are extremely energetic and fast. Our sectoral difference is to be able to provide quality solutions while taking quick actions.



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